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AllSolos is a collection of musical solos from the world of jazz and beyond.

On AllSolos, you'll find:

  • Information about your favorite solos, soloists, tunes, albums, artists, and composers
  • Streaming links to listen to each solo on YouTube and Spotify when available
  • Search tools to discover solos by soloist, tune, key, form, and more!
  • Solo Matchups where you can explore new solos and choose your favorites
  • Disqus-powered comments and discussions for each solo

Whether you are a musician looking to listen to how other musicians soloed over a particular tune or a music fan that wants to "solo surf" by jumping from solo to solo across recordings, tunes, keys, etc., AllSolos has got you covered!

Coming soon:

  • New solos added weekly
  • More advanced search features
  • Commenting for soloists, recordings, tunes, and albums
  • Lead sheets and chord changes for jazz and pop standards
  • Solo transcriptions contributed by the AllSolos community

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