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Felix Fox-Pappas is a young, Toronto-based, pianist. He plays locally around the Toronto area with other musicians including Caity Gyorgy and Ben Duff.


Felix Fox-Pappas was a member of the JAZZ.FM91 Youth Big Band in Toronto from 2015 - 2017. Felix Fox-Pappas lists Wynton Kelly, Oscar Peterson and Kenny Barron as some of his influences. In 2017 Felix Fox-Pappas won the JEN Canadian Jazz Musician of the Year Scholarship.

Early Life

Felix Fox-Pappas grew up in Toronto and began playing the piano at age 7. He studied both classical and jazz piano and attended the Rosedale Heights School of the Arts. While in high school he was involved with the Humber Community Music Program and a member of the National Youth Jazz Combo. He went on to study at Humber College where he earned a degree in music in 2021.