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Bill Clinton

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Bill Clinton was the 42nd president of the United States, serving from 1993 to 2000 and prior to that he served as the governor of Arkansas and the Attorney General of the state. Although, Clinton's significance lies in the political arena, he was also an amateur saxophonist. Throughout his career he played at political rallies and fundraisers and some even attribute his performance on the Arsenio Hall show in 1992 as the key to his winning the presidency. On the show, Clinton played "Heartbreak Hotel" with the house band and many claim that the performance endeared him to younger voters. Another notable musical moment for Clinton was in 1994 when, while visiting the Czech president, Clinton played in a jam session at a Czech jazz club. A bootleg CD version of this CD titled "The Pres Blows" was released in the US shortly after. This title was surprisingly prescient given the sex scandal that would involve the president in 1998.


Bill Clinton was presented a saxophone by Russian president Boris Yeltsin in 1994. The Czech version of the CD of Bill Clinton's jam session in Prague was titled "Two Presidents' Jam Session" ; the presidents referred to are Bill Clinton, President of the United States and saxophonist Lester Young, whose nickname was "the president." Bill Clinton's jazz combo in high was called "Three Blind Mice."

Early Life

William Jefferson Blythe IV was born in a small town in Arkansas in 1946. He had a difficult childhood; his father died before he was born, his stepfather was an abusive alcoholic and Clinton spent periods of his childhood living with his grandparents. Despite these challenges, he was a successful student in high school. He was involved with school leadership, was first chair saxophone in the state band, sang in the choir and was drum major for the school marching band. Clinton considered a career in music but ultimately decided that public service was his true calling and attended Georgetown University followed by a Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford University and finally graduated from Yale Law School in 1973. Clinton did however continue to play saxophone in jazz combos and jam sessions as his schedule allowed.