Johnnie Splawn

Johnnie Splawn

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December 20, 2000 (Age 69) died

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January 31, 1931 Birthday

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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, U.S. Birthplace

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Johnnie Splawn was a jazz trumpeter best known for appearing on John Coltrane's 1957 self-titled album. He was part of the Philadelphia jazz scene in the 1950s and played with John Coltrane, Sonny Stitt, Lou Donaldson, Bull Moose Jackson and other Philadelphia based musicians, although he appears on few recordings. He passed away in Philadelphia in 2000.


Johnnie Splawn said that "Brownie" (Clifford Brown) was one of his favorite trumpet players.

Early Life

Johnnie Splawn was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in 1931. The son of a professional trumpeter, Splawn started learning to play at age 5 and grew up close to the vibrant Philadelphia music scene. He went on to study at the Ornstein School of Music in Philadelphia where he met other young musicians including Bill Barron, Vance Wilson, and John Coltrane.