Thomas Hainbuch

Thomas Hainbuch

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November 4, 1997 Birthday

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Thomas Hainbuch is a young bassist active in the Toronto jazz scene. He plays both acoustic and electric bass and has performed at jazz festivals across Canada as well as at local venues in Toronto. He can been seen accompanying other Toronto based musicians such as Caity Gyorgy and Jocelyn Gould.


Thomas Hainbuch plays in a folk/jazz band called Pomes. One of Thomas Hainbuch's first jobs was as a barista at Starbucks. While at Humber College Hainbuch was awarded the Moe Koffman Memorial Scholarship, the Mike Downes Bass Award and the Yamaha Canada Music, Ltd. Award.

Early Life

Thomas Hainbuch was born in 1997 and grew up just outside of Toronto. He was awarded the Cassels Brock Music Award in 2018 while studying Jazz at Humber College in Toronto. Hainbuch graduated from Humber College with a music degree in 2020.