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Emma Rawicz is a talented, young saxophonist and composer based in London. Just 5 years after first picking up the saxophone, Rawicz released her debut album, "Incantation" consisting of all original songs. She won the 2021 Drake YolanDa Award and the 2022 Parliamentary Jazz ‘Best Newcomer’ award. Rawicz plays frequently around London and has worked with artists including as Ivo Neame, Ant Law, Conor Chaplin and Asaf Sirkis.


Emma Rawicz experiences synaesthesia, a phenomenon which causes her to see colors in sound. Emma Rawicz has said saxophonist Chris Potter is one of her greatest influences. In 2022 Emma Rawicz performed as a featured soloist with the BBC Concert Orchestra.

Early Life

Emma Rawicz was born in the early 2000's and grew up in rural North Devon, England. She demonstrated musical ability from an early age. At 6 years old she was already playing classical violin, piano, clarinet, singing and composing original folk songs. Rawicz began playing the alto saxophone at at 14 and then added the tenor saxophone 2 years later. She stumbled into jazz after accidentally after checking the wrong box for her application to Junior Guildhall, a program for young performers. Rawicz quickly grew enamored with the art form and continued her studies at Chetham’s School of Music in Manchester and then in the Royal Music Academy's jazz program.